The Big Sweat - Cycling Floor Protector Mat - Grey


  • Brand: Top Form Design Uk
  • Availability: 4 In Stock

Tags: Peloton original compatible , Plus compatible

This supercharged sweat sucker works overtime to keep the floor or mat under your bike dry and yuck free. Lovingly stitched with extra absorbent cotton terry cloth, The Big Sweat is ready to cheer you on as you climb those hill sand smash through those HIIT rides. COMPATIBLE FOR USE WITH: 

    • Peloton

    • Peloton Bike+

    • SoulCycle At-Home Bike

    • Echelon Bike

    • MYX Fitness Bike

    • NordicTrack S22i Bike

    • Schwinn IC4 Bike

    • Bowflex C6

✅ Made with soft, super absorbent terry cloth

✅ Easy to launder - Regular cold cycle, tumble dry

✅ Designed to protect your floor

✅ Keeps mat from smelling musty

✅ Bye-bye cleaning post-ride sweat puddles

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